Document Your Life #61 – Sunday on the Couch

Villa Rental - Palmera Villas - Group Palmera

Sunday was a complete blur. I spent the entire day on the couch…working on my laptop. I don’t even know where Anders was (probably out with clients), but being home alone gave me the opportunity to GET THINGS DONE.

I literally went through and updated like 35 Word documents with Villa Rental Agreements that we use in our company to send out to clients when they book a vacation rental / vacation home with us. The rental agreement is 9-10 pages, so it was a lot in the end… it kind of felt like the “good old days” when I was back in school and slaving over a big paper.

This is life as a business owner. This is life in tourism. This is life if you want to get ahead…you have to work and sometimes even on a Sunday. It really doesn’t matter which day of the week it is. If there’s work, we work. And there’s usually always work.


Sunday is also always the day where I prep for the coming week, e.g. by doing laundry and meal prepping. I usually also go shopping, but I had all these frozen vegetables in my freezer to use…which, by the way, is the last time I ever buy frozen broccoli and green beans. They come out all soggy. Green peas are the only frozen vegetables that work over here.

Music makes everything better…I found my iPod with a bunch of great music, so today was a really productive day. A day on the couch!

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