#62 – Follow Up

Follow up on your promise and your word | To Live and Travel Blog

The thing I hate about most people and/or businesses where I live is that no one (or only very few) actually follows up on their promise and on their word.

Whenever people say We’ll get back to you, I expect that they will get back to me within the specified time frame to follow up. I don’t expect that I have to get back to them to follow up. But that’s how it is – most of the time.

Like, for example, with my car. 2 weeks ago, I took it to the official (only) Hyundai service center in town, because the engine cover (that piece of plastic underneath the bumper) had broken off on one side and I needed a replacement. They didn’t have a the spare part and couldn’t really say when they’d get it. But the guys took down all of the information on my car (wrote it on the back of a receipt!) and promised they’d call me. They said that they’d most likely get a spare part the same week, coming on a truck from the capitol.

So, I waited.

I got so caught up with work that I didn’t even notice that the week had gone by…plus another.

So, Monday morning (2 weeks later) I went by again. The same guy, who took my info before, came to greet me, but he didn’t remember me and seemed clueless. Go talk to the people in the office, he told me.

After a while, it was apparent that my information hadn’t been passed on. But it was really pointless, because they still didn’t have the spare part and they really couldn’t say when they’d get it.

My only option is to wait…and hope that someone follows up and calls me eventually whenever the spare part arrives. I doubt they will.

The whole incident makes me think that if you (me, you…we) can somehow reverse this mentality (not in them, but in ourselves) and do the opposite…oh, my God. You will set yourself apart in so many ways and practically become a ninja in life and in business. If you follow up on your word and your promise, you’ll end up winning so much because so few people actually do that (especially here).

The only reason why I’m not taking my car to get it fixed in another place, is because there isn’t one. I could take it to the capitol (3 hours away), but I’m not going to because it’s too far away and they may just give me the same runaround and waste my time and test my patience.

Promise me one thing: Regardless of who you are, where you live and what you do…be or become the kind of person who follows up your promise and on your word. Be the kind of person who follows through – even if it’s just to say hey, I don’t have an answer for you yet…that’s still an answer. It’s still better than nothing.

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