#63 – Stop Early Christmas Decorating

Stop Early Christmas Decorating

Try to Google the phrase “Stop Early Christmas Decorating” and you’ll get lots of search results. This is actually something that people are protesting about and signing petitions to stop.

Today, I realized why.

I went to the supermarket on my way home from the office and the first thing I run into as I enter the store is Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and Christmas stuff – as far as the eye can see.

Really? Seriously? Shouldn’t the stores be filled with Halloween stuff?

We’re still in OCTOBER and already the supermarkets (at least this one) are booming with all things Christmas-y. I quickly pass by the seemingly endless aisle, but there’s just no escaping the Christmas spirit. As I’m walking down a perfectly normal supermarket aisle, looking for bio-degradable trash bags, I hear someone whistling along to the tunes of Jingle Bells. I look around and it’s one of the security guards. Only then do I realize that Christmas music is also playing from the speakers above me.

There’s no escape.

I should’ve known it was coming, though. Earlier today, one of our team members showed me a photo that a maid had sent from Villa Pandora, which my company manages and rents as a vacation home. It was a photo of the beautiful Christmas tree that they’d put up in the living room of the villa and just finished decorating!

No. We told her to take it down. It may be one thing that the supermarkets and stores start selling Christmas stuff early (to maximize profits, I get it), but we’re saving our Christmas tree and decorations for the proper month. Christmas will come out on the first day of Advent or on December 1st and not a moment sooner. Sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere.


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