#67 – Fit & Well

It’s important for me to keep working out to improve and build on my fitness. I’m the kind of person who’s constantly struggling with my weight.

But I think that I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never be super thin or skinny or look like a fitness model. I don’t think that my body is built for that kind of frame. Besides, I like food and wine too much.

So, I have to change my focus…away from the numbers on a scale and what I’ve been preoccupied with. I have to learn that. Why is it so hard, though?

When you get older, your mind and focus changes. Mine does too. And when I look at old people and see what a lot of them are struggling with, it makes me think that the kind of fitness that I want, is the kind that’ll help me as I get older.

A lot of older people struggle with just moving their bodies in everyday life. They struggle with balance, they can’t bend down easily to pick up something off the floor, they can’t get up from a low chair, etc.

I want to focus on building the kind of fitness so that when I’m 50-60-70-80 year old, I can easily do all of those things. I can bend down and touch my toes or pick up something off the floor. I can reach up high to put something heavy away. I can carry my groceries. I can sit down and get up without any problems. I want to be strong, flexible and move with ease.

I also want the kind of health that allows me to live well without any medications. I want a life and a body that is fit so that I can live well – with no problems, aches, pains and pills.

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