#68 – Plastic Fantastic

Have you ever noticed when you go to the supermarket just how many items are wrapped in plastic?

I never really used to notice before, but once you get into trying to avoid plastic – you’ll notice that it’s everywhere! Even things that don’t necessarily need to be wrapped in plastic…are.

When I go through the produce section at one of my local supermarkets, I’ll find fruits & veggies that are and aren’t wrapped in plastic. Sometimes, they’ll sell the same thing with and without wrapping. Like apples, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, etc.

I’m trying to do my best to avoid buying produce that’s wrapped in plastic (and Styrofoam) if at all possible. And come to think about it, I don’t even know why many produce items are wrapped. Is it because it’s easier to handle? Is it to prevent them from getting dirty? Is it just because?

I usually pick items that aren’t wrapped and just place them loose in the shopping cart…no plastic produce bag either. Sometimes, though,  it’s just not possible. Like when I want to buy broccoli. They usually come wrapped in plastic that’ll break when I unwrap them, making it impossible to re-use.

When I get to the cash register, I place them directly on the register and then straight into the bag. At my supermarket, I haven’t seen anyone else doing that. Everyone else that I’ve seen put their produce in a plastic bag, which is then placed in another plastic bag at the cash register. Both, I assume, will just get discarded in the trash immediately after returning home.

When I come home with my groceries, I fill up the kitchen sink with water and a produce wash that I use to disinfect the water and get rid of all the germs. I wash everything thoroughly so that all my fruits and veggies are clean when they go in the fridge.

And voila! No plastic bags were necessary for this whole process.

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