#69 – Meatless Monday

I don’t really do “Meatless Mondays” – I do meatless meals. Some time ago, I started eating a meatless meal a day for lunch.


Well, for health reasons and also to do my part to help out the planet and reduce my carbon footprint. I don’t know how much good it really does, but I’m hoping it helps in the long run. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the benefits of a plant based diet when it comes to losing weight and improving your overall health. Well, even if I do eat a lot of plants…it’s not really helping me lose weight. But that’s okay. I actually prefer to eat plants, so it’s not hard for me to do.

I rarely eat red meat, so avoiding it whether for health or environmental reasons, it’s not a stretch for me at all. They say that red meat is the worse thing you can eat when it comes to pollution and use of resources. It takes a lot of e.g. water to produce a pound of beef and cow farts are apparently one of the worst polluters on the planet. Cow farts.

A new estimate of the global methane emissions from cow mouths and butts is 11 percent higher than previous stats suggested. (…) This updated estimate says that livestock pushed about 119.1 million tons of methane into the air in 2011 alone. Carbon dioxide emissions are far greater in terms of volume, but because methane captures more of the sun’s energy, it’s actually a more potent greenhouse gas.


For me it’s not hard to eliminate red meat from my diet. If you gave me a choice of meats or veggies, I’d probably choose chicken, fish and vegetables every single time over a steak. A nice, juicy, tender steak just doesn’t do it for me. And if it’s red and bloody…forget about it. I’d never touch it. I can do a nice burger with ground beef, but a whole steak isn’t my favorite thing to eat.

My meatless lunches are usually a stir fry with different veggies and beans, chick peas, farro or quinoa for protein. It’s a lighter way to eat, one that sits really well with me and doesn’t make me feel tired, bloated or gives me stomach acid.

So, meatless it is…

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