#71 – Love & Respect

Yesterday, New York City had the worse terror attack since 9/11 when a man drove a truck on a sidewalk in Lower Manhattan, killing and injuring people.

It’s hard to understand “these kind of people” and why they do what they do. I don’t understand their mentality or how they can spend weeks, months, years plotting and planning to kill other people – the more, the merrier. For what? For religion?

And where are their families? Where are their mothers who gave birth to them and raised them with love and kindness? I don’t think that any mother would want their child to grow up to become a terrorist and a murderer? Or maybe they just raise their children differently in some parts of the world…or how do these people become terrorists?

If their mothers are still out there …or if they have other family, friends, girlfriends, etc., they can’t all be the same. So why doesn’t someone notice and say something or do something to stop them? Stop them before they drive into a people walking down the sidewalk on an ordinary day, just minding their own business and trying to get from one place to another?

Why don’t we notice if someone close to us starts acting differently and not in a good way? I think we need to start paying more attention to our surroundings and to the people around us. I think we need to start saying something if we notice that our friends/family start talking and doing things differently that might seem odd or somehow suspicious. We’re all the same – people. We all need and want love and respect. So let’s start focusing on that and start spreading that…starting with the mothers that have and raise children.

Love them so they grow up to be nothing but kind people.

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