#72 – We’re Going on a Cruise

It’s that time again…time to travel. This trip was a last minute, spur of the moment kind of thing and we’re off to celebrate Mr. A’s birthday on a 14-night Ultimate Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity Cruises Reflection.

I love going on a cruise. Even though it’s not the most environmentally friendly way to travel (!) nor the best for my health, I still love it a lot.

This time, we’re sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale. But first, we’ll fly to Miami and spend the night before driving to Ft. Lauderdale. We’ll be staying at Melia ME in Miami (again) and going to see a good friend for dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant (my 1st time).

I spent a few hours packing last night and will finish the rest this morning before we leave. By now, I’ve gotten everything down to a routine and I actually find that I pack a little less every time. I guess, I just never really need everything that I think I need.

Some things I’ll always pack (besides the basics) are my yoga mat, my noise canceling headphones, a coffee mug and my hydro flask. I’ll also always bring workout clothes and shoes as I plan on hitting the gym daily. I’ll use the yoga mat in the morning for a light stretching & strengthening workout on the balcony. That’s a great way to get the day started.

I’ve been on a cruise ship so many times now that I also have a cruise-routine for when to fit in my workouts. I think, I perfected it on the last trip we took. I’ll get up early in the morning, do about 30-minutes of yoga, stretching and body weight strength training on the balcony. Then, I’ll take my coffee mug and run to the buffet to get coffee. I’ll have coffee on the balcony while I check emails and do a little bit of work before Mr. A gets up and we start getting ready for the day.

We usually have dinner at 8-8:30 pm, which gives me time to work out later in the afternoon – before the 7 pm show at the theater.

I can fit in emails and a little bit of work here and there…and a little more on ocean days when I have time. Lots of time.

I’m excited about this trip. It’s the first time we’re doing a 2-week cruise. I’m also worried that I’ll eat and drink too much, gain too much weight that I have to work too much to get rid of once I’m back again.

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