#76 – Roatan, Honduras

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and where your driver takes you. We arrived to the island of Roatan, Honduras today and decided to take an island tour with a taxi driver.

Sometimes, this is the best thing to do when you get to these Caribbean Islands that don’t have too much to offer and you don’t want to do the same tour that everyone else does.

When we got off the ship, there were plenty of hungry people offering us tours and this and that. So we took one and got a driver to take us around the island for a few hours to see the “sights” and landscape. He was a nice and friendly guy who showed us around a small part of the island (the southern part). We stopped a few places on the hills where we could get great pictures of the harbor and our cruise ship …and conveniently buy a few souvenirs, which we did.

We couldn’t resist this young kid who was selling souvenirs at the first place that we stopped. He was too cute and even played the negotiating game perfectly. So we got a good deal…and he made a nice sale, I hope.

I think it’s important to support these local communities when you visit as a tourist. Driving around Roatan, it’s obvious that the island isn’t as great a tourist destination as other Caribbean islands. And the people seemed poor. At least their houses seemed in poor condition. So, of course, you have to get off the ship, go around and buy a few (useful) things here and there and in that way do your part to help out these economies.

After about and hour and a half, we were back at the harbor again and back on the ship. We didn’t think that Roatan had that much to offer and especially not on a cloudy and rainy day, but we still enjoyed it and had a great day.

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