#79 – Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

Today, our cruise ship (Celebrity Reflection) docked in Costa Rica. This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world when it comes to nature and wildlife.

Well, we didn’t see it. The only thing we saw was concrete and a dirty, little town. Of course, we chose not to go for an hour-long drive to get to the beautiful nature and wildlife. So, in a sense it was our own damn fault.

Instead, we chose to just walk off the ship and walk around the little town that was right there – Puerto Limón. The funny thing about a lot of places in the Caribbean & Latin America is that they all somehow look alike.

Of course, there are some variations, but a lot of the towns look the same. The houses and buildings look the same. The streets look the same. The typical food they eat is all the same, the clothes they sell is the same, etc., etc.

We walked around Puerto Limón and it felt like we were right back in the Dominican Republic. There wasn’t much to see or do. We went to a local supermarket and all the groceries were the same as the groceries we get in the supermarkets in Punta Cana. The brands were all the same.

We found a street market and walked through it, which was quite interesting…but not interesting enough to buy anything.

After about an hour, we walked back to the ship and practically got swarmed by people who wanted to sell us tours. I think they all over charged. We talked for a while to one guy who kept trying and trying to sell us several tours. His friend got mad at us, because we didn’t want to buy any tours…and we left.

It’s the wrong attitude, really. To get mad at a tourist for not wanting to buy anything. I understand that this is how they make their money and I completely understand how it feels when you have tourists that don’t want to buy anything.

It sucks.

I’ve experienced this many times in my own business and work. It sucks when tourists would rather stay at their hotel and not buy any tours or spend their money to help the locals.

But it’s their right. It was our right too to say “no, thank you” and the sellers should recognize and accept that instead of getting upset and putting that in your face. No matter how much it actually sucks.

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