#82 – Cartagena, Columbia Part 2

Our cruise ship (Celebrity Reflection) overnighted in Cartagena, so we had another opportunity to enjoy this city.

Today was actually Mr. A’s birthday, so we started with breakfast room service and headed out around 11 am.

Yesterday, we were approached by a lady from a spa who offered us an hour massage for just US$ 30 each. So today, we went looking for her. It took a while, but eventually we found her and the spa (Plentitud Spa). After an hour and a fantastic massage, we emerged feeling slippery (from all the massage oil) and soft like butter.

The streets in the Old City were less crowded and busy today, but there were still some vendors around and some tourists.

We had lunch at another restaurant called San Pedro Cafe, which was right in front of the cathedral. The place was great, but the menu was so strange. It was a mix of seafood, Italian, Thai and Japanese…I was afraid that the food wouldn’t be good, but we both ordered Thai dishes and they were excellent.

In the evening, we continued Mr. A’s birthday celebration back onboard the cruise ship with a dinner at Murano, the French restaurant.

A great day.

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