#84 – A Great and Unexpected Lunch in George Town, Cayman Islands

We arrived safe and sound to Grand Cayman Island and was brought from the cruise ship to shore by tender boat.

Usually (I think), the port provides the tender boats but today there were 5 cruise ships in port so I guess they ran out… Celebrity Cruises used their own “tender boats”, which were actually the life boats.

Even though the ride was comfortable, I hope it’s the first and last time that I ever experience sitting in a life boat!!!!! Well, unless it’s used as a tender boat.

Again, we had the option of going to the beach but we decided not to because we were pretty sure it was going to be crowded with, what, some 20,000 people in port. The only beach that would’ve been interesting to go to was the one called “7 Mile Beach”, but we bet our money that’s where everyone was going, so instead we decided to have a look around the town.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot to look at. The entire part of town that was facing the harbor and ocean was filled with one tourist shop and bar after the other. As this wasn’t really our thing, we quickly started walking away from the ocean but we soon discovered that there wasn’t much else to do. We passed a few small stores, a mini market, a spa to ask how much they charged for a 1-hour massage (US$ 75!)…and then we went back to the harbor.

We sat down at a popular restaurant located right on the edge of the water (Paradise Seaside Grill) and wanted to order a drink and a few snacks. After waiting 10 minutes without any service, Mr. A got fed up and we left. There were some people swimming and snorkeling right in front of the restaurant, so we went down to see if there were any fish in the ocean…and we saw lots of big Tarpon fish that were swimming right in front of us.

Fortunately, as we were walking back we ended up at what I’m sure must be the best restaurant in town – Guy Harvey’s Island Grill. We’d visited his store and amazing art gallery (upstairs) earlier, so we decided to give the food a try. And were we glad we did? YES!

Not only did we have an incredible view of the harbor from the upstairs balcony, but the food was excellent. We ordered a bottle of Whispering Angel and shared a few starters in order to try different things. The fried calamari were probably the most crispy I’ve ever had in my life. The sushi roll was delicious and the garlic-cheese bread was great. The service was great too…

If I ever come back to this place again, I’d definitely go back and have lunch!

P.S. Guy Harvey actually lives in the Cayman Islands and is a very talented painter (among other things, perhaps). He has an art gallery on the top floor of his clothing store in George Town, Cayman Islands, which is worth visiting. I only knew his name from the fishing shorts that I’d bought for Mr. A some years ago…so I was really surprised to discover this.

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