#85 – Paradise Beach in Cozumel, Mexico

This is our 2nd visit to Cozumel on a cruise. We were here a few years ago with Mr. A‘s mom and sister…and now we’re back again. Just the 2 of us, though. Last time, we walked around the little town that’s only a short taxi ride from the cruise ship harbor. This time, we decided to just go to the beach.Last night I’d found a beach club online called Paradise Beach. It looked pretty good and had the largest (heated) swimming pool in Cozumel, restaurant, bar, bathroom, shops…and obviously the beach. So, we decided to give it a try.

As soon as we came through (escaped was probably more like it) the maze of shops at the cruise ship harbor, we stood in line for a taxi. The taxis were incredibly organized and it only took a few minutes before we were hopping into one and headed to Paradise…

I think the drive was about 10 minutes…maybe a little more.

We passed by a few other beach clubs just before arriving to Paradise Beach where we were immediately greeted by a hostess. She welcomed us and explained how everything worked with the entrance, etc. We paid a US$ 3 entrance fee per person, which gave us access to the beach club. Food and drinks were, of course, extra. For another US$ 18 per person we could also buy a “fun pass” to use all of the floating devices in the ocean that were lined up like a Ninja Warrior obstacle course. We decided not to.

Fortunately, we arrived “early” so we were among the first people at the beach club. We got one of their VIP cabanas for free (they said there’s usually a fee) and had the perfect spot by the pool to enjoy the day.

The beach club was incredible! The pool was so big and had a really nice and “fresh” temperature. We got our own waiter for the day and as the beach club filled up, the waiters were constantly running around serving food and drinks. One waiter went around the whole time with a mobile Margarita & Mojito cart and made fresh drinks for people.

On the beach, there was a taco truck and of course we had to try the tacos…! Mr. A was a bit skeptical because they didn’t really have any SPICY salsas, but he did discover one that gave a little kick in the end. My favorite were for sure the shrimp tacos, which the guy promised we’d love. We did. We had about 6 or 7 tacos and 2 bottles of water and got a bill for around US$ 35! It was definitely not cheap, but I guess you also pay for the location (we were sitting in the sand with an ocean view) and they do have to make their money somehow.

The beach was really nice too, and I loved how the palm trees were so close that the leaves made a natural “roof” and created a lot of shade. There were tons of sunbeds on the beach – both in the shade and in the sun. They had a lot of water activities (kayaks, snorkeling, jet ski, etc.) and also offered massages on the beach. They was about US$ 50 for 20 minutes, depending on the type of massage.

What I perhaps liked the most was that there were no souvenir vendors hassling you all the time (they have a souvenir shop on the beach!)… so we could just relax, swim, eat, drink and nap. After about 5 hours, we were ready to head back to the ship.

We left with a bill of around US$ 100 for the food and drinks we’d consumed all day, which wasn’t too bad.

Would I come back? Yep.

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