#86 – Last Day at Sea on Celebrity Reflection

In the beginning I couldn’t believe how slowly time went by. Now I can’t believe that it’s already our last day (sigh) and that tomorrow we’ll be back home again. Well, I guess that’s how it goes.

We left Cozumel, Mexico yesterday at 7 pm and are headed back to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We’ll arrive there tomorrow morning, but for now we’ll just enjoy our last day at sea.

We did what we always do on these days…sounds crazy, but by now we’ve created a routine. By now, I have this whole comfort zone going on that will be so difficult to let go of. Mr. A got up around 6 am to go get two of the cocoon beds by the pool at the solarium. I got up and did my usual cruise ship morning routine…

  • Workout in the room (T25).
  • Shower.
  • Get my things (computer, books, etc.) together and head to the solarium.
  • Get coffee …in my reusable coffee cup (thank you very much!)
  • Get a light breakfast from the Aqua Spa Café (rye bread with tomato, avocado and eggs and a zucchini muffin)
  • Find Anders and dive into work, emails, etc., for the next couple of hours.

We had lunch at The Porch again and the same waitress that we’d had the other day took care of us.

On the last day of a cruise, I usually like to go for a walk around the ship to take pictures. You know, just to make sure that I have everything before we go home…just in case. The daytime is actually a great time to get pictures of the restaurants, because they’re usually empty and the tables are already set up. So, you can walk in there freely or if the host/hostess is there, just ask if you can take a few pictures and they usually don’t mind.

I took a short coffee & reading break at The HideAway (love that place) and made it back upstairs and outside to take the last couple of pictures of The Lawn Club Grill …just before the battery on my iPhone died. Great timing.

Later in the afternoon, I went back to the gym to get my last treadmill & medicine ball workout in. I’d started doing a different workout on the treadmill that the usual walk & jog routine that I’ve done so many times. I actually stopped running on treadmills after I got the most awful pain in my leg one time at a gym in…Rome? I think it was at the hotel gym in Rome this summer. So, now I just walk at around 3.5 miles per hour and move the incline up and down – working my way up to a 10 and then back down again.

In the evening, we were back at Murano for our last dinner which we thoroughly enjoyed. Although it’s been great not having to cook or clean for 2 weeks, it’ll be nice to come home and eat normally again. We definitely need a break from these daily 3-4 course dinners & wine…at least just for a little while.

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