Document Your Life #89 – A Decluttering Project

I go through these periods of decluttering my house and getting rid of things I no longer use nor find useful to keep.

I have a burning desire to adopt a minimal lifestyle and just to keep it simple. It started maybe a year ago (I don’t remember exactly when), when I first “discovered” minimalism and started reading about it, searching for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. I find it truly fascinating that there are people out there who just don’t own stuff and who don’t acquire more than what’s necessary. They keep their homes, wardrobes …and lives simple.

I only know a few people who live like this, and I always used to think that it was completely boring…but I guess things change, because now I think it’s simply fabulous.

I’ve always had lots of things and always had a hard time parting with things. I know that I get that from my dad and his mother who are/we’re exactly the same.

But it makes no sense. I’m sure a lot of people, who grew up with very few things, can have a hard time parting with things later in life as they become financially comfortable and get more things. They hang on to them for love, out of habit and just in case…because what if?

I’m betting that the what if scenario won’t come around any time soon (or at all) and that the things I’m no longer using will serve a better purpose somewhere else.

Today, I’m giving away books & games and putting them in one of our vacation rental villas for our guests to use and enjoy.

And the project of decluttering and minimizing will continue…

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