#91 – Everything

I’ve only been back for a few days and already everything hits me again – the things that usually occupy my thoughts when I’m living in this particular part of the world and in this bubble…

  1. Work (it’s a constant)
  2. Garbage (it’s a constant problem)
  3. Trash in the streets (is it just me or is it worse than before?)
  4. Recycling (is it even possible here?)
  5. Avoiding single-use plastics
  6. Climate change
  7. Food waste
  8. Etc.

We got our electricity bill at the office today by messenger. So, a guy goes around and hand-delivers the bill, which is printed in full color on both sides of a letter-sized piece of paper and comes in a plastic envelope with another piece of paper (advertising) inside.

I’m about 100% sure that I’ve signed up for the electronic service and have asked to receive my monthly bill by email… but I’m not surprised if that doesn’t work (here).

The bill comes in a plastic envelope, which is bio-degradable, and has an explanation on it of how it will eventually be broken down by water and sunlight and once again become one with nature – in 24 months (unless it gets buried deep in a landfill where conditions aren’t right for this process to take place…I guess). The electricity company uses these kinds of envelopes because “it cares about the environment”.

That’s all fine and good, but my question is just: If they care so much about the environment, why do they still send out these paper bills by messenger? Why do I physically get my bill when I’ve signed up to receive it by email? They could’ve saved money, paper, ink, plastic, time, the gas spent by the messenger to drive to my office…and just sent it to me by email (if they cared so much about the environment).

That’s my question of the day!

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