#93 – The Problem With Trash

Part of the problem with trash is that nobody wants to take responsibility for it nor do much about it.

Seems like we’ve practically become immune to it and that’s it’s so much easier to just turn a blind eye.


I went to the office supply store on my way to work this morning and got there around 8:45 am. The parking lot was empty when I pulled up, and when I got out of my car, the first thing I noticed was all the trash.

Ever since I started noticing it, I’ve been really noticing it and I just can’t un-notice it anymore. It’s like a monster has been awoken or something.

I go in and ask for the things I need (no need to go looking for stuff yourself because this store is a MESS and you won’t find anything on your own!) and as I’m waiting for the guy to find them, I tell the store owner/manager that he really should get a trash can for his parking lot because there’s a lot of trash just laying out there.

He just shrugs and says “that’s how it is”. A minute or so later he says, “you know, the trash that’s there comes from all over the place. It’s not that it’s from here.”

“I know,” I reply. And that’s sort of the end of the conversation because then it’s time to pay and I leave…and I clearly sense that there’s no point in arguing with him because he just doesn’t care. He doesn’t even care enough to send one of his 3 or 4 employees to go clean the parking lot, which would maybe take 10 minutes, when there are no customers and there are at least two of them aren’t doing anything but just standing around…waiting for customers.

But this short conversation shows exactly what part of the problem with trash is…the lack of responsibility from people. And the mentality that if I didn’t throw it there, I don’t have to pick it up…I shouldn’t have to.

Well, that’s too bad because if the person who did throw the trash there doesn’t care and isn’t going to pick it up, and if the owner of the place doesn’t care either and isn’t going to pick it up (to keep his property, storefront and image clean)…then who will? Nobody comes around from the municipality or from some government agency to pick it up either.

I guess, when the weather is bad and there’s a lot of wind, the trash might get blown further down the street and then someone else will have to deal with it.

Or not.

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