#94 – Project 333

Have you heard about Project 333? I must admit that I haven’t researched much about it (yet), but as far as I understand it’s a challenge where you’re supposed to reduce your wardrobe to only 33 items which you then use for 3 months.

When the 3 months are over, you will (hopefully) realize what you really need and what you don’t need in your wardrobe and in your life.


This ties in so well with the minimalist lifestyle that I’m striving towards and with me wanting to live (more) with less…stuff.

When I came home from the office, Mr. A was still out, which gave me the chance and time to go through my closet. I randomly do this from time to time and have been working my way down to 33 items in several stages…I suppose. As I’m sure most people do from time to time, perhaps with a lot less intention and without even wanting to try this particular challenge.

The last time I sorted through my wardrobe and came to an end, I thought that I couldn’t possibly discard of anything else. Well, turns out that I was wrong because I spent 2 hours trimming my clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry and filling 2 paper bags and a handbag with everything that could go.


I don’t just throw it out – no, no, no. If I were still living in Denmark, I would’ve donated everything to a “goodwill” type store or maybe tried to sell some online. But living here, the best kind of donation is done directly – via my maid who happily takes home all the stuff that I discard. Regardless of type, size, etc.

She’s probably twice my size in width and at least a head shorter than me, but somehow she manages to squeeze into most of the clothes that I give her. Whatever doesn’t expand sufficiently for her to use is given to the people around her – friends and family.

So that’s a good thing, right?

Well, it helps me a lot because it’s easy for me. My wardrobe is so slim and trim now that I can’t possibly discard of anything else. Not one single item.

I’m not quite at 33, but for me the actual number isn’t as important as the (thought-) process that comes with striving to reach it.

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