#95 – The Problem With Trash Part 2

I drove a different way home from the office yesterday and went through the town instead of taking the highway and was positively horrified at the amount of trash that I saw on practically every street – everywhere.

It was only about a 10-minute drive, but before it was over, I felt like screaming or crying…or both.

I just don’t understand why there’s so much trash everywhere in what is supposed to be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world…! I know, however, that it’s not just here. I’ve just been around the Caribbean and the situation is similar in other Caribbean & Mexican destinations.

But oh my f* God! Excuse my language! I’m not one to swear, I swear, but this just gets me SO angry.

We are all to blame, really. Every single one of us is guilty. From the person who throws the trash on the street, to the person who walks or drives right by it and doesn’t pick it up.

But for God’s sake…there’s just SO much trash everywhere.

I came home, sat down on my couch and started writing. I started messaging the government ministries that are responsible for keeping the country and its important tourist areas clean and promoting them to the world.

I really hate to write this, because I work in tourism and depend on the tourists who come here for the beaches, the golf, the tours, the sunshine and the paradise… and I certainly don’t want to do anything (!) to damage that image. Believe me.

But I also feel like if we don’t ever say anything, if we don’t speak up or call out the responsible people in government, then the problem is just going to get worse and soon it won’t matter what I or any other person writes/says/posts, because by then it’ll be crystal clear that there IS a big problem with trash. Not just where I live, but everywhere.

It’s my problem and my fault just as much as my neighbor’s, my employees’, my customers’ and all the other tourists who come here – or anywhere else in this world.

We all live on the same planet and trash and pollution is everyone’s problem, regardless of where exactly on this planet you happen to have your home.

This morning I went for a walk around the golf course where I live. I already knew that I was going to find trash on my way, so I decided to photograph every piece that I saw. By the time I came home 45 minutes later, I’d taken 50 photos.


I picked up some of the trash I found along the way and just threw it in the nearest house’s trash can.

It’s so simple. If we all did this, it would really help. Oh, but let me rewind…if we all just didn’t throw trash in the street to begin with, it would really help.

When I came home, I decided to walk around my house and clean up. I did find a few things to pick up, and when my gardener saw me and what I was doing, he quickly said “don’t worry, I clean it. I’ll sweep the whole area because I’m working here.”

Here. As in here within the boundaries of my property but not e.g. on the other side of the street where there were at least 3 pieces of trash in the grass.

But I guess we can’t be everywhere. And somewhere is better than nowhere.

2 thoughts on “#95 – The Problem With Trash Part 2

  1. When I lived in Pensacola, I had a friend who took a trash bag and trash “spear” with her on her walks. She had regular routes through her neighborhood and she said it was very surprising what she found.


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