#96 – To Declutter & Procrastinate

Yesterday, I came home from my morning walk (see my previous post) and got a terrible headache that lasted the whole rest of the day. Blah!

I did manage to do a little decluttering and sorted through my living room drawers. The amount of cables, plugs, old cell phones, and what not that simply accumulate practically out of the blue (*wink, *wink) is astounding.

And then there were the BUTTONS!

The countless of spare buttons that come with new clothes and that I always (carefully) cut out and save in a little box is amazing.

Have I ever actually used them?

Ehh, NO.

I don’t think that I’ve ever used a spare button in the last 10 years.

So, I threw them out. The whole lot.

Out. Out. Out of sight, out of mind.


I was home again today. The whole day was practically spent writing on this blog and catching up on the last weeks’ posts that I managed not to write every single day (as was the idea).

I am constantly surprised of how extremely good I am at procrastinating when it comes to some things and keep pushing them ahead. It’s something that I have to work on, for sure, and try to get better at not doing.

Is such a thing even possible?

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