#98 – The Uphill Battle Of Recycling

Where I live, recycling is just an uphill battle. Not even the one recycling company that I managed to find is capable of making recycling easy.

After asking several people (who told me it didn’t exist and that it was impossible), refusing to believe it and then searching online, I finally found a recycling company in my town. Today, Mr. A and I had a meeting with them to see if it would be possible to work together and have them take the recyclable garbage from all of the vacation homes we mange around town plus (of course) our own home.

See, in my mind I’d imagined that they would jump all over it. That they’d welcome us with open arms and tell us that everything would work and that it would be easy and just a matter of setting it up.


Ehh, no.

Not that easy.


We met with a lovely and nice lady who explained to us how they worked and how we had to pay $1500 a year to acquire their services…which isn’t set up to even come to us to collect our garbage. So, apart from paying them a fee, investing in buying 2-4 new garbage cans and doing all of the sorting, we’d basically also have to bring them our garbage.

The problem is just that we have 20++ vacation homes and that bringing them ALL of our garbage is just not possible. Alternative, the lady said, we could build our own garbage collection hub for our vacation homes, which they’d pick up from once a week or twice a month. Great! But how do we do that and where? We can’t have a garbage collection facility in our back yard!?!

We needed them to come to us. Paying the fee is fine. Investing in new garbage cans is doable. Sorting our own garbage is just a matter of changing our habits…but we can’t build our own collection hub (in a residential area) or go around to each of our villas to collect and then bring our garbage to them.

It’s an uphill battle…for now. I guess, baby steps must be taken. I am working on trying to figure out how I can recycle my own household garbage …just from my own home.

If and when I do manage to climb this particular hill, which feels more like a mountain, I’ll let you know.

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