#102 – Eat More Plants

I stumbled upon a profile on Instagram called @earthyandy – a gorgeous young woman living in Hawaii with her gorgeous husband and their 2 gorgeous kids. They are vegans and live a plant based lifestyle. Seeing her gorgeous photos really inspired me to “eat more plants” (although, I’m not exactly aspiring to become vegan).

I’m constantly working on achieving better health and more energy – short term and especially long term. Sure, I want to lose weight now but I also want to be fit as a fiddle when I get older. I want to be like one of those 80+ year old people that you see doing yoga or jogging, eating healthy and looking like they’re 60.

And I’m thinking that maybe eating more plants is the secret to longevity and keeping fit? You can find a lot of people, experts, scientists, etc. saying it. The only real life example I can think of is my dad who (I think) eats a ton of fruits and veggies and starts his day with a fruit & veggie smoothie. He’s been doing that for years and he’s 82, but looks like he’s 65 with no gray hair and hardly any wrinkles.

See, that’s what I want too…

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