#104 – What Year Is It?

Did you ever just not show up and also not tell anyone that you weren’t going to show up for work, practice, a meeting or an appointment?I haven’t (I think)…

And you shouldn’t.

At least not without informing someone that you’re not going to show up (or that you’ll be late), i.e. the person who is waiting for you on the other end and counting on you to hold up your end of the agreement.

If you do…

It’s not fair.

It’s not right.

It’s completely disrespectful.

It’s unprofessional…to say the least.

That kind of irresponsible behavior may be excused (once) if you’re a child or a teenager because “you may not know any better” – but not if you’re an adult.

As an adult, you’re supposed to know better.

We all are.

Living in the year 2017 with all the bells, whistles and tools of communication that we have readily available, there simply is no excuse for not letting someone know that you’re not coming – to work, to practice, to a meeting, to an appointment, etc. and waste the other person’s time and energy in the process.

So when you don’t show up at a time and place you’re supposed to be, and the only explanation you have is that you were sick and your phone wasn’t working…well, that is simply not good enough.

Just think about it. What year is it? It’s practically impossible not to be able to communicate in today’s world, no matter where you live.

In today’s world, communication is easy and instant.

In today’s world (in the year 2017) there is simply no excuse for not sending a message to let someone know…whatever they need to know.

There just isn’t.

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