#109 – There’s No Such Thing as a Free Thing

There’s no such thing as a free…anything. This morning, I went to a “free” seminar on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas cruise ship called Detox For Health & Weight-loss, but it turned out that it wasn’t really free.

On every cruise ship there are always lots of different seminars throughout the trip. I’ve never actually gone to one, so I was quite curious to see what it would be like.

The seminar was conducted by one of the personal trainers, and he did such a great job that it was only 30-minutes later that I found out it was all just one long sales pitch.

He didn’t really reveal much…just some basic, scientific information about what creates toxins in our bodies and ultimately makes us fat.

The solution (a detox and how to detox) would only be revealed to us if and when we chose to purchase a “body scan” for the special price of US$ 99 per couple where a special machine would be used to measure the exact composition of our body – water, muscles, fat, etc. Only once we had this information, would we be able to know how exactly to detox for health and weight loss.

So, I left.

As soon as he started talking about prices, and I realized that I’d just sat through a 30-minute sales pitch, I felt scammed (forced) into making a purchase that I wasn’t prepared for nor willing to make.

But at least the half hour did manage to spark my curiosity…is it really possible to detox, how and should we be doing this?

The personal trainer was explaining to us that our bodies tend to become acidic due to our lifestyle and the things we eat & drink (e.g. foods and drinks that are not natural and that contain preservatives and lots of sodium). He said that the key to achieving a healthy body is to become alkaline, because apparently (according to a German scientist I can’t remember the name of) diseases cannot form in an alkaline body.

If that’s the case, I wonder if there are certain foods and beverages that are alkaline and can turn the body from a state of acidity to become alkaline?

It would be worth doing a bit of research (online) and finding out.

If the answer turns out to be “eat more plants”, that would just be another thing to convince me that this is something worth focusing a lot more on from now on.

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