#117 – The Art On Board the Navigator of the Seas

The Art On Board the Navigator of the Seas

On the last day of a cruise, I like to walk around the ship and take photos. I’ll walk up and down all the stairs of the ship and through the decks and photograph the restaurants, common areas, pool area, etc.

This is usually best to do early in the morning or at least before lunch…before there are too many people walking around the ship.

When you walk around and take your time, you might notice that the ship is actually full of beautiful art. I’m not referring to the art that’s sold at the Park West art gallery, but the art that’s on every floor of the ship and all along the stairs.

The better the ship, the better the art…I guess. Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas, which I was just on…

(…) contains US $ 8.5 Million dollars in art, displayed in stairwells and public areas. Navigator of the Seas main Atrium sculpture spans over seven decks and is based on the bubbles a scuba diver makes when swimming under water. Her promenade also features lighting that changes color based on the time of day and with events occurring on the ship. –Wikipedia

Most of the time we took the elevators to go up and down between the decks, which means that I didn’t really see many of the paintings, photographs, statues, etc., until the last day.

Most of the art on this ship was by Scandinavian artists (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish), but I also saw some by Dutch and Polish artists. My absolute favorite were 3 paintings by a Swedish artist called Dorina Mocan called Secret Garden (acrylic on canvas):

Curious as a bird, big-eyed as a cat, the girl searches for hidden treasures in the garden. Cheering over the arrival of the chestnut on the adorned tree.
So remarkable is the foliage on the old stone wall, and in the birds nest the big secret sleeps within its shell, awaiting the little girls arrival.

I also loved another of Dorina Mocan’s paintings entitled On My Right Side.

This painting is about the mystic nature and stories that surround Gotland, the fairy tale Swedish island in the Baltic Sea.

Apart from paintings, there were also several sculptures and photographs. My favorite was a photograph by a Norwegian artist, Thomas Brun, called Primary Colors.

2 thoughts on “#117 – The Art On Board the Navigator of the Seas

  1. Dear Rawnie ! I am glad to read your blogg about your love for my paintings on ” Navigator of the Seas”. I get this kind of feedback now and then but this time I feel it is so special and I needed to share it on FB 😊 Warm regards, Dorina Mocan


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