#118 – All the Things We Did & Didn’t Do

It’s early in the morning and we just got back to the port of Miami. It’s still dark outside and Mr. A is sleeping.

I got up early and wanted to go to the gym for one last workout on the ship, but (sigh) it was CLOSED. Okay, I get it…it’s a busy day for the staff and who wants to work out on departure day anyway?

I was thinking about all the things we didn’t get to do during this past week on board Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. You see, even on small(er) cruise ships there are a ton of places and activities available that you never end up seeing or taking part in. We usually find our “comfort zones” pretty quickly and tend to hang out at a few good places.

For us, the “adults-only” Solarium with pool, Jacuzzi and comfortable lounge chairs is definitely the place we spend most of our time. It’s just a great place to relax, work, read a book, take a nap…and another nap…and maybe another.

The gym is another of my favorite places and I try to get a daily workout in – preferably in the morning. On sea days, I’ll go to the gym a second time late in the afternoon. After a whole day of lounging around, it’s nice to get up and get the body moving…

We went to the theater a few times and saw the funniest stand-up comedy show and laughed the entire time. We watched the crooner, Mark Preston, give a fantastic performance and Adrian Fische (I’m pretty sure I spelled her name incorrectly, sorry!) pour her soul out on stage.

After dinner, we’d go to the Schooner Bar to listen to “The Piano Man”, Simon John play the piano and sing…and he was fantastic.

But, as I mentioned, there were places we never went to…

On this trip, some of the things we didn’t do or places we really didn’t visit were:

  • The sports deck with Flow Rider surfing, basketball court, miniature golf and rock climbing wall
  • The library and card room
  • Johnny Rocket’s burger joint
  • Park West Art Gallery & auction with free champagne
  • Several bars and lounges, e.g. the Cosmopolitan Bar
  • Studio B ice skating rink

Regardless of all the things we didn’t do, we had a fabulous time.

And I can’t wait to go again…

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