Document Your Life #119 – Christmas Shopping in Miami

Ahh, Miami. I really like this city and the vibe. I’ve been here several times before, but this time we’re here to do the last bit of Christmas shopping.

We’re staying at the Me Miami hotel once again, but unfortunately have trouble getting a room that’s quiet and doesn’t have a lot of noise from the freeway just across from the hotel. 3rd time is a charm and we end up with a great room on the 15th floor, overlooking the swimming pool.

So, we spend 2 days in Miami doing Christmas shopping. Any hopes & dreams of a zero waste, minimalistic Christmas just aren’t going to come true…Christmas for us means A LOT of presents. And by A LOT, I mean…A LOT!

Of course, there’ll also be lots of food, wine and good times.

yesterday, we went out to Aventura Mall and I managed to find the very last Christmas gift that I was missing. I’ve already bought everything else on Amazon, which makes my life easier… but doesn’t do much for the planet. Oh, dear.

I’m not such a big fan of this particular mall, mostly because I think it’s too expensive. It’s definitely a beautiful and upscale mall…

At Aventura Mall, we had lunch at Bella Luna, which is an Italian restaurant. I noticed a man sitting with his family at the table behind us and whispered to Anders that he looked like some sports star…a celebrity. After a little while, people started coming up to him, he posed for photos and there were a lot of commotion.

We asked our waiter who the guy was, and it turned out to be the Dominican baseball player David Ortiz (Big Papi).


Today is our second day of Christmas shopping in Miami and we’ve decided to drive north to Sawgrass Mills, which is about a 30-40 minute drive from our hotel in Miami.

This mall is so great and so…HUGE. And they have a nice variety of upscale and cheaper stores, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Marshall’s, H&M and Target.

So, shopping here is much easier. Even though I don’t really need to buy any more Christmas presents, I end up buying a few small things plus a few things just for me.

Anders and I have lunch at a wonderful French bakery called Paul and we both have a sandwich in a baguette with turkey, bacon, lettuce & Brie with hand cut fries on the side. Unfortunately, it turns out that there’s mustard dressing on the sandwich so Anders can’t eat it.

The waiter quickly exchanges it for another without any dressing – without any problems or extra charges for the sandwich they’d already made.

This is great customer service with noting and mentioning!

Thank you.

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