#120 – From MIA to PUJ

It’s time to check out of our hotel, to say goodbye to Miami…and go home. Our trip back goes very smoothly. When we get to the airport, a guy comes up and asks if we want to check in curbside. It’s never worked before, but we try it and voila…we’re good to go. We have to pay for all our luggage and I think he gave us a discount because we pay less than expected. Even though we’re flying on economy, we have priority boarding with American Airlines and somehow also end up getting TSA Pre-Check so going through security is so quick and easy, we can hardly believe it or stop talking about it.

Knowing we won’t get any food on the plane and well be hungry before we’re home, we decide to look for a place to eat at the airport. We come across a nice (and quiet) wine bar & restaurant and it’s a lovely place to sit and enjoy a nice meal and wine. Mr. A and I share a bottle of Whispering Angel…always a pleasure.

Our flight departs on time. We watch a movie (the new Terminator), I fall asleep once or twice and before we know it, we’ve arrived.

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