#125 – Merry Christmas

To Live and Travel

Merry Christmas to all. It’s 7:30 am and I’m the first one up. The weather is a little windy and rainy, but who cares because IT’S CHRISTMAS….

Usually, we work a lot on Christmas and even until just a few hours before dinner because this is our high season and all of our vacation rental homes are full with guests that we and our team need to take care of.

But this year’s different…at least for the two of us. Our vacation rental homes are still full but everyone arrived yesterday and by now our team is so well trained and professional enough that they’ve got everything covered. A lot of people will be working tonight (tourism never sleeps), and I take my hat off for them. Because without them, we couldn’t do what we do. So, thank you!

Today will be a busy day at our house, and especially in the kitchen. The in-laws will spend the whole day preparing the Christmas dinner, which they do every year, and we’ll help out where we can.

We’ve decided to have brunch around 10-10:30 am, skip lunch (obviously) and then have an early dinner so we can get started early with opening the presents…since there are about a million of them.

Our Christmas dinner is a traditional Danish menu. We’ll have pork roast (with crispy skin), potatoes & gravy, caramelized small potatoes and red cabbage. A lot of people in Denmark have some variation of this menu. Some, may have duck instead of pork and others may have turkey. When I was a kid we always used to have turkey and my mom made the best turkey.

For dessert, we’ll have a rice pudding with cherry sauce. It’s a cold dessert. The rice pudding was cooked yesterday and today we’ll mix it up with chopped almonds (without the skin), whipped cream and vanilla. We’ll save one whole almond and put it in the dessert, so that whoever gets that almost will also get a special present.

And then we move over to the tree. Before opening the presents, we dance around the Christmas tree and sing Danish Christmas carols (the ones we can remember). After about 10-15 minutes, it’s time to open the presents.

And that will probably take hours…

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