#128 – Doctor’s Orders

I woke up sometime around maybe 4 o’clock in the morning IN SO MUCH PAIN, I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.

I knew exactly what was wrong, because (sadly) it wasn’t my 1st rodeo – as they say. The pain was all around my upper abdomen and went around my sides to the back. It was all over. No didn’t matter which way I turned or if I sat up, laid on my stomach or stood up…it just wouldn’t go away. Finally, after maybe an hour of tossing and turning, I got up and took 2 “Advil” (they’re the same pills, basically, but a different brand). I went downstairs, took a few antacid tablets, drank a little bit of milk (which has helped me before) and went to bed.

After more tossing and turning, Mr. A woke up and asked if I was all right…and then I just burst into tears because I was still in so much pain, I was tired and just felt hopeless.

He was able to calm me down and eventually he got me to lay on my stomach, and I fell asleep and slept for two hours before waking up again…without hardly any pain left in my body.


So, we went to the doctor’s…and fortunately I hadn’t eaten, so I was able to get an ultrasound to see what the h* was going on inside my stomach. Well, turned out it was my gallbladder. It was still very full from dinner, which the doctor said it shouldn’t be since I’d just had a small glass of milk in the night and a glass of water that morning. My gallbladder was swollen and when the doctor pushed down on it, it hurt.

So, the conclusion was that my gallbladder doesn’t seem to be emptying properly and releasing the bile into my system as it should in order to aid in digesting my food. The doctor gave me a prescription for some pills that I should take after a meal (dinner) every day for 3 weeks.

“I’m going to talk seriously with you,” he said and he told me that I needed to change my diet to avoid fatty food, fried food, processed food, alcohol (!) and eat more fruits, vegetables, whole gains, fibers, drink water…

I just feel like all the signs are pointing me towards the same thing: EAT MORE PLANTS.

If this wasn’t a huge wake up call, then I’m an idiot.

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