#130 – See Ya!

It’s departure day! Not for me, but for the in-laws. They’re leaving this morning to go back to Denmark and back to the cold winter weather.

We all got up early (I’m feeling much better today) and had breakfast on the terrace around 8 am. They spent about an hour packing up their last things and at 10 am, we drove them to the airport for their 12.45 pm flight.

See ya!

It’s been a great 3 weeks together over the holidays with so many wonderful travel experiences and celebrating Christmas here. This year, we won’t be together for New Year’s since there weren’t any good flight tickets available for them at the beginning of January.

So, they departed today.

I think the day zoomed by after that. My head is full of things that I want to do…mostly “just” thinking about getting back to a normal routine with regards to work and working out. I practically haven’t moved since we got back from Miami and the cruise, which was 12 days ago, because I’ve practically been sick the whole time.

I’m excited about getting my house back in order and cleaning up (haha).

I’m excited about starting to work out again.

I’m excited about getting 100% well again and using my new Nutribullet blender and focusing on eating HEALTHY (again).

I’m excited to get back to working in the office again…but that will have to wait till Monday.

I’m excited for the new year…and a new, fresh start.


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