#133 – First Day of the Year

Even though I didn’t go to bed all that late yesterday, I still managed to sleep in…and wake up with a nasty headache (borderline migraine) that stayed with me for the entire day.

I am pretty sure it was the glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne that we had at midnight – although I didn’t have a whole lot because I didn’t like it at all.

We just had a quiet dinner part at our house with 4 other people. We’d hired a chef to cook for us, and he served a wonderful 6-course dinner with different seafood, chicken, a pumpkin soup, bacon stuffed mushrooms and a perfect Creme Brule for dessert.

By 10:30 – 11:00 pm we were about done and so were our dinner guests…and us. But we did manage to keep ourselves somewhat alive until midnight and by 12:30 am, they were all out the door and we were in bed by 12:45 am.

When I came downstairs this morning (Jan. 1st, 2018), Mr. A was already in the kitchen – making pancakes!

I LOVE PANCAKES, and never ever make them or have them so I was practically over the moon with joy… what a perfect way to start the new year.

The rest of the day, we did absolutely nothing. We stayed at the house, parked ourselves on the couch and watched episodes of Quantico the whole day.

Happy New Year!

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