#134 – Back to Work

I went back to the office today and it was so (!) nice to be back after almost a month.

Even though I can do my work from anywhere (as long as I have my computer and an Internet connection), it is nice to have a base, e.g. an office. I feel comfortable working there and having my own desk and all of my office stuff – right there.

For me personally, it’s important to work at the office when I’m home, just because I’m away (I.e. out of the country) a lot. So whenever I’m here, I like to make a 9-5 appearance at the office (even though my work isn’t necessarily 9-5) and make myself super available to my team.

I’m always trying to figure out a way to become more organized and to manage my time more efficiently, so I can get everything done in a day. I have yet to figure this out, so I think I need to figure out a different “approach”.

Having a daily to-do list is definitely something that I need to get into again and also using my calendar…I’m going to take this week to really get back into a system that I can hopefully stick to whenever I’m traveling. Something iron clad, basically.

I have a lot to do and to figure out…

The photo doesn’t really have anything to do with this post. It was just a pretty view of a bird and the balloon that I saw when I came home from the office around 5:30 pm.

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