Document Your Life #137 – A Spam a Day…

A Spam a Day - To Live and Travel Blog

I am amazed at the amount of spam emails I get in a day – every day! It seems almost pointless to unsubscribe because the very next day, I get the very same email again. Only the next time, it’s sent from a different email address…and I have to unsubscribe yet again.

And again.

At one point, I got so frustrated that I started replying to the spam emails with the word UNSUBSCRIBE written (I don’t know) maybe 25-50 times in the email. I thought that if they were going to spam me, then I was going to spam them right back.

I don’t know if it had any effect other than to make me feel some sort of temporary release.

The kind of spam that I get on any random day includes emails like these:

From: 2018_Michael_Kors <admin@wa57.UGG-2BOOT.SHOP>
Subject: 3 gift ideas for Best Friend you haven��t yet thought of.

From: Exotic Bride <>
Subject: Beautiful Women, Discrete Service Just For You

From: <>
Subject: Want To Meet Singles? See Who’s On For F.r.e.e!

From: AIG Direct <>
Subject: Apply For Long-Term Life Insurance Coverage

Subject: 代开–发票

From: Vonage Business Partner <>
Subject: 3,000 Companies A Month Are Switching Their Phone Services

From: Seniorpeoplemeet <>
Subject: Place To Meet Older Singles

From: Jodi <>
Subject: Creamy conitioner regrows hair 8758109

Where do these spammers get my email address from? Am I on some kind of list that is being sold to anyone willing to pay? Did I get hacked (I doubt it)?

For sure, I have absolutely no interest in purchasing Michael Kors products (probably fake too!). I don’t want any exotic bride or Russian bride or any other bride, and I don’t want to meet singles or even older singles. Please. I also don’t want the change my phone company to one that doesn’t even cover the place I live (unless I want to pay roaming prices for local calls. Eh, no.) I don’t want to apply for long-term life insurance (already have that part covered, thank you very much) and I don’t have any particular need to re-grow my hair, which is still long, thick and healthy as need be. Finally, I don’t read Chinese (?), so…

A Spam a day…

Please STOP. Just stop.

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