#138 – I skipped a week

Oops! I just skipped a week of blogging…and so what!?! I’ve done this many (!) times before and always just gone back to catch up.But this time, I don’t feel like doing that because I honestly don’t feel like the past week was that awesome and interesting. It was for the most part just noisy.

It was noisy because we had (and still have!) workers at the house all week, fixing our master bathroom. The first crew that started working, lasted about 3 days. They got booted when they finished putting up the new tiles on the wall…and none of them were in level. Urgh.

So, we had them take all the tiles down again and ended up buying different tiles, because apparently the ones we’d originally bought were not 1st class tiles and therefore not all the same size. I mean, I don’t know anything about tiles but I’ve never heard anything like that. I would assume that when you buy a box of tiles, they’re all the same size!?! Ah, not necessarily…and not necessarily when you buy the in the Dominican Republic!

So, we bought new tiles that are super big and they came with a new and (supposedly) more professional crew to install them. That was a few days ago. Today is Saturday and they just told me that they’ll be working till 8 pm today. Hopefully, they’ll come back early tomorrow morning and finish up so we can get back to normal.

Oh, but we talked about having the other two bathrooms done so maybe it’ll be weeks before things can settle.

I really hate having things done around the house – kitchens, bathrooms… it’s just a big, momentarily inconvenience. But I know (I hope) it’ll be worth it in the end.

I’ve been feeling really good this week, though, and really making an effort to eat more plant-based. And so far, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve also been focusing on eating super slowly (I have a tendency to eat really fast) so I don’t get bloated. And so far, it seems to be working.

I haven’t felt uncomfortable after a meal or bloated…the only time that did happen in the last week was when I ate a baked potato for lunch. I tried it two days in a row to make sure, and I’m guessing my stomach just doesn’t do well with potatoes. It’s not a big thing, really, because I’m not a huge fan of potatoes anyways and have no problem living without. Next time, though, I want to try eating a sweet potato to see if that has the same effect.

I’ve been working out too. I found this amazing channel on YouTube called Popsugar Fitness, which has a lot of workout videos that are 30-45 minutes. After doing Focus T25 for so long, I felt like it was time to change it up a little. So, I’ve been doing cardio, strength and yoga. There was this 30-min yoga workout by Mandy Ingber (Jennifer Aniston’s yoga teacher) and after I did it, I posted about it on my Instagram and tagged her…and she liked my post! Ha ha.

I’ve started walking again and I want to make a habit of walking 4-5k on Saturday & Sunday mornings – if the weather is good, obviously. So far, so good…except for a strange pain in my left hip. Maybe it’s just because it’s been a while since I’ve walked?

Work has also been good and I’ve gotten a lot done this week, working from home. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from Danes that are traveling to here and they’ve been asking me about airport transfers and excursions…and I’ve ended up booking for several of them. They’re responding to my Danish Punta Cana Cana Guide website and Facebook page, so that’s been really busy lately. I want to do more with that too and see if I can come up with new ways of making it more interesting.

I’ve sent out a newsletter with some of our vacation rental villas to a list of about 5500 emails (subscribers), using MailChimp. That’s definitely something that we’re going to be focusing on more this year…seriously building up an email database and contacting people directly. I also want to use social media for that, so there’s a lot to be done in that department.

This is my 138th “Document Your Life” post and I don’t know…a part of me feels like I want to change it up a little bit. I find myself writing about a lot of “mundane” things, which is on the one hand good, but it’s not really what I wanted to do. I wanted to get more into “themes” and writing things that might also bring value to others instead of “just” writing about what I did today…

This blog was never really supposed to be like a diary or a journal, but somehow it just took that form. I’m not upset about it, but as people change…so too can blogs.

I need to wrap my brain around this new idea and see what I can come up with.

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