#143 – Sixty Eight

Today is my mom’s birthday. She would’ve been 68 years old today if she were still alive. Next month will be 3 years since she passed away…and I still miss her.

It got me thinking about age and aging. I’m turning 40 later this year and lately, I’ve been thinking about what I can do now and for the next years in order to avoid getting sick and in order to keep fit and healthy…and looking as young as possible. Obviously, without surgery because I would never have any surgery unless it was a life-or-death emergency!

Sometimes, I see older people who are in their 60s, 70s and 80s and they look 10-20 years younger. But I’ve also seen people in their 60s who look 20 years older.

So, I wonder what the “secret” is. It’s probably genetics but apart from that, there has to be a lot one can actively do to stay “forever young”…

One thing that I really believe makes a difference is eating A LOT of plants. When I think about my dad and how he eats, I’m even more convinced. He’s one of those people in their 80s who looks like they’re in their 60s… and he starts every day with a big smoothie bowl and generally eats a lot of fruits & veggies.

He also walks.

Staying active and moving your body every day has to be another “secret”. Some people say that yoga is a great way to stay young, so I’m thinking “maybe I should start doing yoga?”


One thing that I definitely (!) need is more sunshine. Like literal and actual sunshine and a daily dosis of vitamin D. You’d think that I’d be getting more than enough of it since I’m living in the Caribbean, BUT that’s not always the case. I just realized that today. I just realized that I spend most of my time indoors (and in the a/c), either at home, in my car or at the office.

So, in the afternoon I went and sat outside in the sun for 10 minutes…just closed my eyes and breathed. It was nice to feel the warmth spreading across my face, neck, arms and the rest of my body… I know very well too why I haven’t been getting enough sun and why I’ve been shying away from being in the sun.

I started avoiding the sun a few years ago when I got hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) in my face – on my upper lip and on my cheek bones underneath my eyes. I don’t know why I got this (I guess it’s hormones…and age-related), but as the dark spots get worse when I’m in the sun, I started avoiding sunlight.

Of course, I use sunscreen every day but the dark spots still get darker when I’m outside. From what I’ve read, it’s not dangerous or cancer-related so I guess, I don’t have to be “scared” of getting a little sunshine…

One thought on “#143 – Sixty Eight

  1. I am 68. I think the key to vitality in old age is simple. Decent diet including protein plus fruit and veggies. An active social life which you have to work at as feiends my age either get ill and disappear or die. Need to actively work at meeting and making new friends. Excercise. Don’t start watching roo much tv. Learn new things. Keep your brain active. I have friends in their 90s who are so active and my friend has a friend who goes to breakfast with her group who is 103. Just keep embracing life and care for your body… it’s your temple.


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