#149 – International Idiots Day?

Warning: This is sort of a rant.

You know, today was just one of those days where I seriously asked myself: Is everyone an idiot?

Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but…today I had several encounters with people being idiots.Let me (vaguely) count the ways in which I experienced this:

  1. The excursion company that had confirmed a reservation for tomorrow over a week ago and now told me that the excursion was not going …and they didn’t even inform me…like yesterday. I found out “by accident” when I called to book the same excursion for tomorrow for another group of people. How can you work like that?
  2. The random guy who crossed the road right in front of me, without even looking, as I was driving to my office. I hit the brakes on my car and he got so surprised that he fell over on his own – I didn’t hit him!
  3. People who can’t count when I know they count and (should) count twice.
  4. The excursion company, who had initially “cancelled” their excursion for tomorrow, and then called me to say that now it was GOOD TO GO. Like I’d be all OKAY, GREAT! No. How can you work like that?
  5. People who are supposed to be experts…but who really just don’t have a clue.
  6. People who reply to an email or a question without really replying, so you have to ask them 3 times to get an answer…and then they finally just say that they’ll reply tomorrow.
  7. People who randomly don’t show up – AND don’t call or text you to give you a heads up. The same people who can’t figure out how to borrow a phone from someone after you specifically just had this conversation with them about a month ago.

The day hasn’t officially ended yet, so there’s still time to add to the list.

Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow will be better.

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