Document Your Life #150 – If We Ignore It, Maybe It Will Go Away

I am baffled. Yes, I think that’s the right word to describe how I feel.

I’m baffled at the level of (sorry to say) stupidity, short-sightedness, unprofessionalism and irresponsibility that some people have.

I’m baffled at the lack of communication there can be between people who are supposed to be totally in-sync.

It’s almost as if (some) people think “if we ignore it, maybe it will go away”. Well, guess what? No, it won’t.

The problem won’t go away by simply ignoring it. In fact, you’ll end up making it worse because now you don’t just have the problem to deal with. Now you also have the fact that you didn’t speak up about it, that you tried to silence it to death or even cover it up by not saying anything. And when there’s a problem, I often find that the lack of honest communication can sometimes be worse than the problem itself. Or it can also help make the problem worse.

If you make a mistake or break something or whatever you do that’s not right, I think that the absolute best thing you can do it just be honest and upfront about it. Admit your fault, apologize, fix the problem…and move on.

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