Document Your Life #151 – On the Edge

On Wednesday, we went to Lake View Villa for dinner. It was as always, NICE! The chef did an outstanding job, creating a 4-course dinner, which left us wanting for nothing. The others had started around 4:30 PM with a pool party, wine & snacks. I arrived later as I had to wait for the workers to leave our house, so I got there just before 7 pm.

We had garlic shrimp to start with. Then the chef’s famous curry with basmati rice…actually, he’d made chicken tikka masala with spices that we’d bought in South Africa! For main course we had a beautiful plate with surf & turf and for dessert, we had a perfect chocolate fondant with chocolate/mango ice cream.



On Thursday, we went to the new restaurant Bachata Rosa Punta Cana at Blue Mall for dinner. It was our 1st time so (of course) we had to try several different courses. Actually, I didn’t eat so much, but it wasn’t all good for me. We had a few different starters to share among 4 persons, including rock shrimp (I think that’s what they were called), which were deep fried (!). We also had some strange kind of bread that was deep fried (!), and I had the salmon with grilled vegetables for main course. And we had wine…of course, we had wine.

I woke up this morning with a nasty headache and totally constipated!!!!! Like, totally!!!! After about 30-minutes of morning yoga, breathing and stretching on the balcony, my head was feeling a little better.

Tonight, we were supposed to go to another dinner. We were invited by some acquaintances / business partners to come to their house for dinner…but I ended up having to cancel. I felt really sad, because it was the first time they’d invited us, and I really wanted to go.

But, sigh, I just couldn’t. I felt like I was literally on the edge (health-wise) and my gallbladder was acting up after 2 nights with a lot of food and wine. I told Anders that I didn’t want to go because I was honestly afraid to eat. I was afraid that if I ate something, I’d have another gallbladder attack like the one I’d had just a month ago. So, he went and I stayed home. I went to bed and just relaxed (I wasn’t even hungry), took a few chewable antacid gums and waited. Waited for that uncomfortable pain and bloat to go away…and a few hours later, I felt a slight release. Around 9-10 pm, my stomach started growling but I still didn’t eat because I felt it was too late.

Lesson learned: There are some things that I can’t eat/drink/do no matter how much I want to. It’s a hard-learned lesson for sure, and I’ll probably have a few more failed attempts before I REALLY get it. But I understand that I cannot e.g. have a lot of food 2 days in a row and/or wine 2 days in a row and expect to be fine.

I guess, it’s just the way things are now…for me.

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