#153 – A Sunday Well Spent…

A Sunday well spent, brings a week full of content. Is that how the saying goes? In any case, there may be some truth to it.I am back to eating plants (!) and feeling so much better again. It really gives me reassurance that I “just” need to stick to this and really learn how to do this plant-based diet thing. Because in the end, it will be so good for me. I am certain of it.

I’ve been eating plants all day and I haven’t been bloated at all. During the day, I ate mostly just fruit & veggie smoothies, a little bread with crunchy coconut peanut butter…it’s my favorite! For dinner I ended up making a HUGE plate of stir fried veggies with black beans and veggie cheese. It was delicious and I didn’t get bloated either.

I was doing a little bit of everything today…laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cooking and answering emails. I’ve been getting lots of emails from Danish tourists that are contacting me from our website, so that’s been a lot of fun helping them out, answering their questions and booking excursions for them.

I found out that VRBO shared one of our vacation rentals (Villa Pandora) on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles. What? That is so HUGE!!!!! I don’t know how they picked one of our vacation rentals from their database of over 2 million properties, but maybe it’s because I’ve been tagging them A LOT lately on my social media posts. That’s the thing. I’m doing all of this social media stuff, posting, sharing, etc., etc., and apart from the few likes and comments that we get, I never know what kind of real impact it has on our business. I’m sure it was some impact and I know it’s important to be everywhere, so that’s what I’m trying to do. After all, you have to be seen to sell. You have to be heard to sell. You have to create awareness to sell.

We watched Star Wars episode 7…and I fell asleep around 8:30 PM and completely missed the part where Han Solo apparently fights his son and dies.

Darn it.

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