#154 – Five Months and Counting

After about 5 months and 153/154 blog posts titled “Document Your Life”…I’m done. Not with writing, not even with documenting my life but with naming every blog post “Document Your Life”. Why? Because everything I write here is part of the documenting process. Because it’s really redundant to name and count every single post.

So, this will be my last post titled “Document Your Life…”.

Now what? Now…NOW, I want to start getting more into what I originally wanted to focus on and write about. Now, I want to start moving away from writing about “what I did today”, which was never really my idea with this blog.

After 5 months of writing (blogging, if you will), I’ve realized that:

  1. I want to write every day
  2. It’s sometimes hard to write every day
  3. Sometimes I forget to write every day
  4. It’s best if I write every day
  5. Writing every day is a really good habit

So, let’s start.

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