#157 – We Don’t All Have the Same Opportunities

I posted a photo on Facebook of an avocado tree that I’m trying to grow (and it’s growing). The photo got a few likes and comments, including one from my cousin and my aunt in Denmark.

My cousin commented that it would’ve been nice to have one in his garden, but that maybe he was living in the wrong country. I replied that that was his choice.

Then my aunt wrote that yes, it was their own choice, but that not everyone has the same opportunities as I do.

That comment really stuck with me.

We don’t all have the same opportunities.

Sure, we don’t all have the same opportunities because we’re not all born in the same country and we don’t all live in the same place. Some people come from a rich family, others from a poor family. Some are prettier than others. Some people are smarter (more intellectual), others are better at working with their hands. Some are good at sports, music, singing, dancing, etc., etc., others are not.

We’re different so our opportunities should naturally also be different.

Sure, we don’t all have the same opportunities because we’re not all the same. But I think that we all have opportunities. Different opportunities, but opportunities nonetheless. I’m not good at sports so opportunities in that area just won’t come my way (or I won’t be susceptible to them), whereas if an opportunity in the area of writing/blogging came along, I’d jump all over it.

I don’t think that whether we have the same opportunities or not should be the issue or of any concern. I think we should be more focused on keeping our eyes open and taking the opportunities that do come along.

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