#165 – The Missing 2%

If you’re going to take on a job or a task, make sure you do the job 100%. Make sure you finish – really finish.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of cases lately where I feel as if the job doesn’t get done all the way. I’s almost like when you’re online and you’re downloading something or trying to load a page and your connection is bad. The process goes to 98% and then just dies so you have to either refresh or give up.

The missing 2% are crucial to this whole process and experience. Without the missing 2%, all of the other things might just not matter as much as if the entire job had been done 100% – as it should.

Think about it. If someone begins a task, reach 98% and then promise to come back and do the missing 2% tomorrow or in a few days but they never show up, or they forget so you have to remind them and ask them when they’re coming back to finish A, B or C., then it creates a lot of overall frustrations. Because they’re the ones doing the particular job so they should also be the ones to follow up and make sure the job gets done – especially when it’s obviously not complete. It’s not the “client’s” responsibility to remind whoever is doing the job that they need to come back (as promised) and finish it.

But, in many cases, it does become “the client’s” responsibility to make sure the missing 2% gets added to the 98%, so that we can all get on with our lives.

My point is this: Whatever you do in life, whether professional or personal, make sure you do it 100%. Don’t do it 98% and then come up with some excuse as to why you didn’t finish. If the job is truly impossible to finish, then that’s another story. If not, then you owe it to yourself and to others to get that missing 2% done.

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