#166 – Why Do We Share Our Lives Online?

Sometimes I wonder why we willingly share our life online – for the whole world to see. One thing is sharing with your friends and family, but for the entire world? People you don’t know and may never know. Strangers from all parts of the world and all walks of like, some perhaps not good people.

Why do we do it?

Why do we post photos of our everyday life on e.g. Instagram, photos of what we eat, where we go on vacation, what we wear, read, watch, do, etc.? And why do we want other people (not just friends & family) to see our photos, like them and follow us for more?

Doesn’t it seem strange?

Why would I want “the whole world” to know that I just ate a smoothie bowl for breakfast? Or that I’m having a salad for lunch in the office while working on the computer? Why should everyone know what I wore to dinner or where I went or that I had a glass of wine and felt bloated afterwards? Or why should anyone care that I got up super early, did my workout and watched the sunrise during/after?

Who cares?

I am OF COURSE guilty of posting all of the above, but sometimes I find myself “laughing” at myself, thinking that I’m an idiot and wondering…well, wondering why I do it and who even cares?

And then I remember.

I do it mostly for myself. I post on Instagram because I like the idea of creating a photo album of my life & travels that I can look back on and remember the best experiences I’ve had. I don’t know if others do the same, but I do sometimes scroll through my feed and look back at everything I’ve lived so far – since I started posting regularly. On a rainy day or when I’m bored, it’s fun to do. And when I’m 75 or 85 and I’ve created a MASSIVE database of photos that represents MY LIFE, I bet it’ll be even more fun to look back and scroll through my feed. Can you imagine if you had posts from your childhood and teenage years as well? That would make for an amazing feed.

And of course I also do it because I’m “secretly” wishing for my “15 minutes of fame”…that one day my blog or my Instagram will get discovered by someone who’ll offer me a chance to have my blog featured or whatever it takes so that I can generate some kind of income from it. I don’t know if that’s the ultimate goal, but it would for sure be a nice place to land someday.

I also do it because maybe someone out there might find some small speck of inspiration from my posts…from e.g. a random smoothie bowl that I photographed and shared the recipe for. Maybe someone will look at that and think “wow, that looks delicious. Let me try to make that…”.

That’s what we do, right? We put things out there in hopes that we’ll inspire other people. Isn’t that what all these “lifestyle” blogs are really about – inspiration? I know that when I need inspiration, I go on Instagram or Pinterest and search for X, Y, Z and use whatever I find to maybe do the same or come up with ideas for my own blog or project. Inspiration is everywhere but if people don’t share what they do on blogs, Instagram, in books, on YouTube, etc., then there wouldn’t be anything to look at and get inspired from. Right?

If all else fails, though, and all I end up with is a nice photo album for my own personal pleasure…well, then that’s not such a bad thing either.

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