Styrofoam to Go

We went out with some friends for a wonderful dinner at a local lobster restaurant where we live. I really like this place and as always…it didn’t disappoint us.

We had a really nice time and delicious food. In fact, we had too much food, so I asked for the rest “to go” as is customary here.

The waiter promptly came with a styrofoam container, a white plastic bag and the restaurant’s logo bag. I stopped him immediately and asked if he could just wrap the food in aluminum foil or something other that the styrofoam, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible.

He said that the restaurant’s policy (!) was to wrap food to go in exactly these 3 things: Styrofoam, plastic bag and their logo bag.

I was floored. Really? That’s your POLICY? But, realizing that this was going to happen, I let the waiter proceed.

As soon as we got home, I moved the food to one of my own containers and threw the styrofoam out. I’ll use the plastic bag for trash and the logo bag for something.

…and I’ll contact the restaurant (probably on social media), send them some articles about styrofoam and urge them to please stop using styrofoam, which may cause cancer, and plastic for the sake of the environment and their customers.

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