The Perfect House Guest

These past few days, we’ve had a new person staying at our house. It’s not like we have people staying at our house frequently, but sometimes we offer friends, who are in town, that they can stay at our house for a few days if they need a place to stay.

I was really surprised and amazed by this particular person who I think was the perfect house guest.

This person’s own philosophy was that you shouldn’t have to “babysit” when you have house guests, you shouldn’t have to wait on them or clean up after them.

And this particular person practiced exactly that.

Every morning, our house guest would wash their own coffee cup and glass after use. After our guest had left us again, I went into the guest room and the bed was made, the bathroom looked as if it hadn’t need used and there was even a magazine on the bed…a little present, I guess.

I loved that. This person was so nice, so gracious and just the perfect house guest.

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