She Said: Stop Making Bullshit Smoothies

I saw this recently in an Instagram story and it stuck with me. It was posted by a women that I’m following on Instagram @bananablondie108. She’s a vegan yogi and has a lot of really great videos on YouTube that I came across not too long ago and found sort of oddly inspiring.

I’ve never seen anyone eat like she does and at the same time seem to be (and look) incredibly healthy, so when she posted that she sees a lot of people posting “bullshit smoothies” with for example 1 banana, a handful of berries, a few spinach leaves and protein powder…well, that hit home.

I thought: Oh, oops….hahaha, that’s probably me.

She posted a video of her making a breakfast smoothie with 6 bananas, baby kale, 8 oz of frozen blueberries, coconut water and water. With 6 bananas, I know that’s at least a 600-calorie smoothie.

So, I decided to up my smoothie game too and see what happens.

This morning’s smoothie bowl had

  • 4 bananas (that’s all I had left)
  • Half a papaya fruit
  • 1 tbsp of chia seeds and oats soaked in about a cup of almond milk.
  • I topped it with a handful of raspberries and sprinkled with coconut.

It came out very smooth and creamy…and actually, pretty good.

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