Let’s Celebrate Women

Why aren’t women taken more seriously, treated equally, celebrated and appreciated more in everyday life?

Because it’s still a man’s world out there. And that takes a lot of time, hard work, dedication and fighting to change.

But I think we’re seeing the edges of that world starting to crack…

I recently heard this:

You know how basketball players are always talking about how great they are? Why don’t women talk about how great they are all the time? – Reese Witherspoon.

And it’s true. We should become better at talking about how great women are and women should be the first to do that.

In order to change the culture, you need to change the attitude, the words, the mindset and ultimately the behavior.

I’m personally tired of hearing or reading in the news about women (and girls) not being able to do this or that in certain countries. I’m tired of reading about women being abused, neglected, raped, assaulted, disrespected, not taken seriously, etc. I want to hear and read more about women doing great things, inspiring others, being successful, treated well and respected…and getting the same salary as men for the same job.

I “just” saw 3 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen where men and women compete for the grand prize of working for Chef Gordon Ramsey in one of his restaurants…and in all 3 seasons, a WOMAN has won the whole damn thing.

But let’s face it, this is still a man’s world…for now.

Let’s just acknowledge the fact that there’s no life without women. There’s no life without men. We need each other in order to do great things, so let’s start appreciating that. We’re two halves of a whole and if one is neglected, the other will eventually suffer just as much.

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