To Blog or Not to Blog

Do you even know how many blogs there are in this world?

Millions, for sure. Millions and millions…

So why should you start a blog and write about a topic that for sure is already written about by (many) other people?

Because nobody is like YOU. Nobody lives your life, has your point of view on things and your voice.

Because YOU matter.

I really think that everyone should have a blog (or a vlog) and write about their lives – what they do, eat, think, read and where they travel. You don’t have to live in a big city or in an “interesting” place to blog because everywhere is interesting. Even the smallest town or the most ordinary job, food, life, etc., that you might think is so incredibly boring will have something to offer and will seem magical to another person.

But forget what everyone else thinks. You should really blog first and foremost for YOURSELF. You should blog as a way to document your life and keep track of your growth, both physically and mentally.

Write as a testament to your existence. Can you imagine the amount of credibility that you can create just by having a blog? You’d be creating a living, breathing testament to your existence, your knowledge and your skills. Anyone who is in a current job, looking for a first job or in between jobs should be blogging as a way of creating a living resume, which will be a thousand times better than the standard (old-fashion) resume that we were all taught how to write at some point.

Write as a possible inspiration for others. I believe that we can all serve as inspiration for other people who are following “in our footsteps”.

If you’re in school, write about that and become an inspiration to other kids who are younger than you and who will eventually have to go through the same school system as you.

If you just graduated from university and you’re looking for your first job, write about that whole process and become an inspiration to other young people who will eventually find themselves in that exact situation.

If you’re moving, traveling, on a diet, becoming vegan, having your first child, learning a new language, getting married, learning to cook/bake, running your first marathon, learning to knit or play the guitar… whatever you’re doing or interested in, wherever you are and whatever language you speak – WRITE about it.

Write about your past in order to remember it in the future. Just write. It doesn’t have to be perfect (what is perfect, anyway?), it just has to be.

Write from your heart.

Write honestly and frequently.

Just write.

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