What’s Your Passion?

Passion is everything, right?

What is your passion?

What is that one thing that you’d do every day, all day even if nobody paid you for it or even knew you were doing it?

Mine is writing. Period. It’s what I’ve always done in some shape or form. It’s what I hope to be doing for as long as I live. If I can do anything that involves some form of writing, then I’m happy as a clam. And if my writing can somehow help or inspire others, then that’s just like extra cream for the pie!

I don’t have to be writing 100% or all the time, but the few times in the past that I’ve ventured “off course”, it’s been the thing that I’ve always wanted to come back to…eventually. Because when writing is part of my life, that’s when I’m the happiest.

Passion is happiness.

Passion is love. Excitement. Fuel. It’s what keeps you going even when times are tough, the economy is bad and everything (else) seems to suck.

Passion is motivation. Without it, you might as well just be going though every day lifeless like a zombie.

With the internet, everyone has a chance to turn their passion into a business. The internet has leveled the playing field for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have access to the internet and a computer/smart phone/tablet you can turn your passion into the next big thing, get discovered, make money, become famous…whatever your dream is.

Remember the movie Julie & Julia? If you don’t know it, then Google it and find a way to watch it. A simple idea, passion and hard work can develop into a big business… but even if you didn’t make a ton of money from your thing, would you still do it?

If your answer is no, then it’s not really your passion. So, what is it?

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